We not only are your one-stop shop for hand tied flies,Fishing flies Kenya produces flies for the American and European markets and now Kenya is emerging as a major source of flies for the wholesale and retail outlets in the developed world!

Materials Our materials are sourced from wholesale outlets in the USA, UK, Australia, and Kenya. Some products come directly from manufacturers, including those in Asia. If you have specific materials you would like to have used on commercial quantity orders, you can either supply these to us and the cost price of the materials will be deducted from the order, or we will attempt to source them ourselves. Bearing in mind that we will not tie and trade flies using internationally prohibited materials, or materials that are a quarantine risk in most developed nations. If in doubt, please talk to us about your requirements.

We normally keep limited stock of flies due to the diversity of the patterns. Mostly we will have to tie some of the patterns on order. Delivery is normally in about 2 weeks but this may take up to 4 weeks if the order is large. Other delays may be due to the goods being held by customs in receiving country.

The amount of time that it takes from the time you order to the time the flies reach the shipping address depends on the following factors.

i) The pattern of flies you have ordered – some patterns like the Bass bugs, and a few other patterns need more time to tie.

ii) The quantities orders – since our flies are hand made and we cant anticipate the quantities, large orders will result in some delays but we shall communicate and update you constantly.

iii) Special Orders – There are some occasions when orders must be specially made, and this can present delays in the shipment of an order. In the event that your order must be specially made, you will be contacted by e-mail and informed of the nature of the delay and the expected time frame for shipment of your order. iv) Festive season times – In some occasions such as Christmas there could be delays in the delivery of your product because the mail is overloaded and always take some days more to deliver the packages and more so when the packages are for international deliveries like in our case.

International delivery times after order has been tied. A Note On Timing: Please remember your order is being custom tied and will most likely take a few weeks depending on the workload we have at the time. Every fly is custom made for you – we don’t hold pre-tied stock. If you have a deadline, please email us and ask us about an estimated time of arrival BEFORE you pay for the order.

Tying Fishing Flies Kenya Team